Hi, I am Amara

An Australian based self-taught artist honing her skills with graphite pencil and watercolour paint since 2015. Her principle theme in art draws on the beauty, flaws and details of women’s portraits. Taking inspiration from celebrities and popular culture – i.e. fashion, music Amara’s work capture her subjects in a delicate manner exploring texture and line in hand-detailed pencil, while watercolour adds subtle hints of contrast. A splash of colour, foil and pattern is the uniqueness of her pieces and attracts the eye. Amara’s work has been described as “Modern” and “Chic” and is often found at local markets, pop-up stores, hair and beauty salons.

Clichés and Stereotypes

Amara began recognising her passion and skills for detailed drawing and painting throughout high-school. Although she did not take particular art classes, it did not stop her from exploring various mediums and styles until she was able to recognise her own. Amara often finds inspiration through music, mood and early hours of the morning.

“3 am is the hour of writers, painters, poets, over-thinkers, silent seekers and creative people. We know who you are, we can see your light on, keep on keeping on” – Unknown